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Have a product NEED, and can’t find a solution?

People call you  ’McGiver’?

Love to solve problems and build things?

Join us for our next brainstorming workshop, where we spark new ideas for new products.

Customer Connects® founder Linda Pond is a Product Scout for ”As Seen on TV’ inventions. She has seen how fast-paced and exciting this market has become. Investors are chomping at the bit to produce the ‘next big thing’ for direct TV sales, which may lead to large retail opportunities.

“You know you are drawn to those clever ‘As Seen on TV’ displays at the shopping mall.”

Our workshops may be the tipping point for:

1) sparking new ideas

  2) inventing relationships

3) inventing products.

Goals for Brainstorming Workshops:                                                                  Identify needs that may be solvable and sold as ‘As Seen on TV’ inventions

If you share in the product’s creation, you share in the royalties. Details at the event.

We can help you be the inventor you always wanted to be.

Inventors Brainstorming Workshop!

Join us as we Brainstorm NEEDS – everyday problems that can be solved by inventing a new or better solution. Geared for the ‘As Seen on TV’ channel to market, you can share in earned royalties.

DATE: Thursday, Nov 27, 2014

TIME: 7-9 pm

LOCATION: Acountamotamus Inc, 130 Industrial Drive, Carleton Place ON

COST: no charge but you must pre-register

To Register:

Round table and  introductions will begin at 7 pm sharp.  Please be on time.

Schedule of 2014 Inventors Workshops:


Thurs Jan 30th: Dymon Storage, 27 Auriga Dr, 7-9 pm

Thurs Feb 27th: Dymon Storage, 2420 Bank, 7-9 pm

Thurs March 27th: Dymon Storage, 110 Didsbury Rd, 7-9 pm

Thurs April 24: Dymon Storage, 1554 Carling Ave 7-9 pm

Thurs May 29: Dymon Storage, 1830 Walkly Rd – 7- 9 pm

Thurs June 26: Dymon Storage, 323 Coventry Rd – 7-9 pm

No workshops July/Aug

       Thurs Sept 25: Dymon Storage, 110 Didsbury Rd,  Kanata 7-9 pm – 7-9 pm

Thurs Oct 30: Dymon Storage, 110 Didsbury Rd, Kanata 7-9 pm – 7-9 pm

Thurs Nov 27: Accountapotamus Inc 130 Industrial Dr Carleton Place ON  7-9 pm


Linda Pond

Co-inventor of The F.A.B. Light™

Owner/Operator, Customer Connects® Inc

I Have Invented a Product! What Do I Do Now?

One of the hardest things for inventors to do is get noticed.  We sweat and swear and drive our families nuts with our ideas and relentless drive to get our product out there.  We got a million ideas, but no real clue how to make money with any of them.

I was in the same boat a few years ago, when my daughter Rhonda and I invented The F.A.B. Light™. 

Picture it….. a ladies fastball team, celebrating their win on the field.  Reaching into the cold, dark cooler with the ‘hope’ you will grab your favourite beverage. ‘We need a way to see in inside this dark cooler”.  A simple statement, but one that would change the destiny of at least 2 entrepreneurial ladies.


We introduced our prototype to Coghlans Ltd, a global distributor for camping accessories.  They loved it.  After several renditions, they bought hundreds of thousands of our invention, and we were off to the races.  It can be purchased in major retail stores as The Cooler Light.

Fast forward to 2014 – The F.A.B. Light™ is more than a light in a cooler. It is a little LED light you peel and stick to the inside lid of coolers – Find A Beer, tool boxes – Find A Bolt, tackle boxes – Find A Bobber, and even your toilet lid – Find A Bowl.  Open the lid, the light comes on.  Close it, the light goes off.  Automatically.  ADD A LOGO – Find A BRAND!

With this experience in our pocket, we knew how hard it was to get the attention of investors. Awarded the role of Product Scout for ‘As Seen on TV’ inventions in 2013,   we have set out to connect the inventor with the investor.

Got an idea?  Connect with me.  I can help.

Linda Pond – Inventor, Author, Speaker, Product Scout